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A Bumbleberry is a Burple and Binkel berry, one berry is sweet and the other is tart. This gives the Jams, Jellies, and Pies made from this recipe the perfect balance. The original Bumbleberry recipe was invented over 50 years ago in a little restaurant, also called Bumbleberry, which still exists in Springdale, Utah, USA. The actual recipe is a closely guarded secret, however Jams and Jellies made from the original recipe can be purchased at BumbleBerryGifts.com.

A Bumbleberry is a Burple and Binkel berry that grows on a giggle bush. We know this because nomanniC, mulP and raguS, three of the really lovable curious Bumbleberry creatures took a trip one day through Bumbleberry Valley and gathered up a few important facts about the mysterious Bumbleberry.

nomanniC said that a Bumbleberry cannot grow under anything because it must have the warmth of the sun in order to grow. It cannot grow over anything because that would keep the warmth of the sun off what ever it was growing over. It cannot grow near anything because this would take the needed nourishment from the plant it was growing by. So. . . when the Bumbleberry people plant the Bumbleberry bush, thy plant it in a place where nothing else is growing, but in such a place that something definitely should be. For this reason, most people never see a Bumbleberry bush because they very seldom look where nothing else grows.

In Bumbleberry Valley, there is a Bumbleberry bearing time and according to nomanniC, there are four separate types of Bumbleberry Bushes. Number One blossoms only in the spring and bears berries in the fall in the quiet hours just before dawn. Number Two blossoms only in the summer and bears berries in winter during the pleasant mid-day. Number Three blossoms only in the fall and bears berries in the spring in the quiet afternoon. Number Four blossoms in the winter and bears berries in the summer at midnight. This of course, allows harvest of the Bumbleberries in spring, summer, fall and winter, day or night, all year round.

Bumbleberry bushes bear berries one at a time, but according to nomanniC they bear them continuously. As for the taste, they said that we would have to consider the Bumbleberry as being the plumpiest of plums, the cherriest of cherries, the razziest of raspberries, the peachiest of peaches, and so on ad infinitum.

The size of the Bumbleberries in determined by the heart of the picker. If a person were allowed the very special privilege of picking Bumbleberries and was, at the same time, heavy at heart, he would pick the berries all day and never fill a teaspoon. But, on the other hand, a happy, kind, light-hearted person could fill his basket with one Bumbleberry.

And finally, the single most important fact about a Bumbleberry is that at the precise and precious moment when they become ripe, they giggle. And, if you’re eating a Bumbleberry at that precise time, you would spend the rest of our life giggling, and knowing this to be quite impractical, the little Bumbleberry creatures control the harvest of the ripe berries very, very carefully.


1. Seven days without Bumbleberries makes one weak.
2. Grizzly bears prefer Bumbleberries to humans.
3. The three most important Bumbleberry creatures are nomanniC, mulP and raguS. Did you know in Bumbleberry language they were named after well-known foods?
4. The color of Bumbleberries are Burple and Binkel.