Foaming Bath Soap

Foaming Bath Soap

Foaming Bath Soap



Does ordinary soap leave your bathroom dull? Make your sink or tub interesting with these smart little soaps!
Ponder. Rinse. Repeat.

Trump's Small Hand Scent: cucumber olive oil

Lady Macbeth Scent:
Fresh milk, cocoa butter

Einstein's Bath Time Scent:
Almond, cocoa butter
Alice's Tiny Hands Scent:
Floral, cocoa butter

Van Gogh's Sunflower Scent:
Sunflower lavender
Frida's Fragrant Bath Scent:
Passionflower, olive oil

Andy's 15 minutes of Foam Scent:
Lavender, chamomile

Uranus Foam Scent:

2 oz. / .56 g.
Made in the USA.

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